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Philly Salsa All Stars 2006

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Al and Karla Espinoza
Al and Karla demonstrate the beginner class pattern they taught at the Philly All Stars workshops.
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Al and Karla Espinoza - Freestyle
Check the freestyle performance from Al and Karla Espinoza.
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Al and Karla Espinoza - Terminator 3 Performance
Check the incredible Terminator 3 / Ray Charles performance by the always entertaining Al and Karla Espinoza.
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Al and Karla outtakes
We kept the tape rolling, and got a small outtake from Al and Karla. Then Allan starts windmills out of nowhere.
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Al Espinoza and Raul Santiago, Jr. interview
Raul interviews Al Espinoza, salsa instructor and choreographer. Al talks about choreographing the event, where he gets his inspiration from, and his performances with his wife, Karla.
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Choco and Harry Sanabria interview
Harry interviews Choco (John Knight), fashion designer, entrepreneur, and founder of Mambo Fateegz. He's the creator of the "on2" shirts, among other designs. Choco's clothing can be found everywhere in the salsa world.

La Voz Del Mambo interview here

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Jessica Moya interview
Harry talks with the lovely Jessica Moya about her ladies' styling class, Art in Motion, and Estilo Dance Studio.
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Karla Espinoza interview
Raul interviews Karla Espinoza. Formerly of the Salsa Passion Dance Company, she teamed up with Al and the rest is now history. You have to see her perform! Check her millions of turns in the freestyle cutaway.
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Kathy Romano interviews Nicole and Marla
Kathy Romano, a host of the Preston and Steve radio morning show in Philly, interviews Nicole and Marla about the event.
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Philly All Stars performance
Watch the unprecedented performance by the Philly All Stars, choreographed by Al and Karla Espinoza. The stars are Alex Alvarado, Mike Andino, Barbara Capaldi, Sonya Elmore, Joe Figueroa, Darlin Garcia, Isabel Garcia, Jessica Moya, Raul Santiago, Jr., Rey Velez, Al and Karla Espinoza, and Ibirocay Reguiera. Other Philly All Stars not in the video include Buster Adams and Jose "Papo" Diaz.
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Philly All Stars promo video
The Philly All Stars 2006 Promo remix video. In February Sonya Elmore talks about the event, with cutaways to the all stars practicing their choreography. The main piece begins with highlights of the instructors who participated in the dance.
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Raul and Genice interview with Allan
Allan interviews Raul Santiago of Visual Impact dancers, and the lovely Genice Moltin.
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Raul Santiago, Jr. pattern
Raul and Ashley demonstrates the pattern he taught at the workshops.
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Raul the Weatherman at La Luna
Raul does the salsa weather forecast at the Philly Salsa All Stars. What do you know about Salsa Meteorology? Come here to find out
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Salseros Meal by Alex Alvarado
Alex (of Art in Motion) demonstrates how to eat a well balanced salseros meal, on both 1 and 2 counts. You may have to replay this one several times get the eating down.
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Saturday slideshow
The slideshow features pictures from Saturday's workshops.
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