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Onda Latina Spring 2009 - OndaVille

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Desperate Scientists
Practicing day in and day out can make someone go mad. That is exactly what happened to these five Onda ladies. Sit back and watch how they console their boredom and loneliness in their labratoris. yea... Ondaville has laboratories.
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Dinner is Served
At a family dinner in Ondaville, a teenage daughter tells her parnts that she wants to be a dancer when she grows up. Believing this is a poor choice for a career, her parents don't take the news very well. This is where the argument begins...
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Meet the dancer of Onda Latina.
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Flashbacks of Chemistry Class
It's Onda Latina's 10 year high school reunion! Everyone is having a good time and suddenly these two high school sweethearts see each other again for the first time in 10 years. Their chemistry returns...
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Fragments of Sadness
This pieve is about forgiveness... hod to you let someone back in when you're hurt? First, there's anger, then sadness. Only after you pick up the broken pieces of yourself can ou begin to put the fragments back together and trust again. This is what happens on the Ondaville boardwalk. New Lovers meet, old lovers reunite, and current lovers make amends there along the rocky shore.
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La Plaza del Tiqui Tiqui
Ondaville's plaza is THE place to be and be seen. On any given day, the inhabitants of Ondaville can be found sharing a meal , playing a game of dominoes, or even catching up on the latest gossip square. However, the plaza truly comes alive when the small flirtations and love of music combine as a spontaneous rueda breaks out onto the scene. Hold on to you panuelos -- this whirlwind of a dance will not slow down for the heavy-footed...
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Late Night with the Mob
At night, the means streets of Ondaville are run by a group of unidentified sexy mafiosas. They control every aspect of Ondaville, from brothels to nurseries (yeah ... it's that grimy). They kill you with a kiss and choke with a hug. All who have tried to stop them have failed... and disappeared. All, until now. Dum dum dum...
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Lovers Heartbeat
Though she is sick in the hospital, the bond between their hearts will not allow her boyfriend to let go...
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New Kids on the Block
Welcome the Newbies of Spring '09 as they move into Ondaville!! Before they can even get situated they're bitten by the jitterbug and suddenly find themselves having to get their dance fix with their new neighbors. Get ready for a crazy mix of dancing as these Newbies come into town and show off why they're the perfect new residents of Ondaville.
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Onda Express
All aboard!! Our first stop will be Calle Mambo, knows for its sexy men that attract women from far always barrios with their smooth moves. Shortly after, we'll visit the famous Platano Square, where Dominicans unite to sing, dance, and eat platanos (of course!). And our final destination is Avenida Dem Bow, where you better bring an pack with you because these reggeaton dancers are sizzlin' HOTT!
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Pelotero a la Bola
Baseball. Ondaville's 3rd favorite pastime; subsequent solely to dancing and drinking hot chocolate. Come join some of our finest athletes as they combine their dance skills with their prowness on the field. grab some peanuts, candy, and Cracker Jack, sit back, relax, and enjoy the game. They'll be sure to impress! Batter up and ... PLAY BALL!
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Red Carpet Rendezvous
After a long da, the city comes together for a night of celebration. Join us on the red carpet as we finish the night with fun, class, and style, that you will only find in Ondaville. Rise your glass, tilt your hats, sport your finest threads, and polish your dancing shoes because this will be a party you will never forget!
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Red Light District
What do you do when you can't trust the one you love? In the Ondaville, Red Light District love is never simple. Devotion, Anger, Passion, and Jealousy all combine to weave a tangled web of desire and betrayal in this sensuous tango. Busted windows and broken hearts will cover the stage as this piece dips and lifts its way through another Ondaville love story
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Sazon Salon
Do you want to know where the Onda ladies get so sexy? None other than Sazon Salon. Watch the ladies catch their groove to Salsa, Merengue and more because they're just that fly; they're rockstars!
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The O-Team
Up in the Sky! It's bird!? It's a plane!? No it's ... the O-TEAM!! Watch how these costumed crime fighters use their swagger and silliness against the city's villains, savings Ondaville one 8-count at a time. (Inspired by the Mambo Gallego piece from Ana and Joel of Masacote Dance Company)
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