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Onda Latina & African Rhythms - Dance to the Future Fall 2009

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(Slideshow) Nuevotec at the 2009 Onda Latina & African Rhythms Fall Showcase
Check out our slideshow from the event featuring the song "Welcome to the Party" by Har-you Percussion group.
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Performance - African Rhythms - Babalu Aye
Babalu Aye (Region: Cuba) represents the Orisha of illness and disease. He is the deity associated with insanity, aging, illness, disease and death and cures these ailments by internalizing them.
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Performance - African Rhythms - Djole
Djole a masquerade dance performed by the Temine people of Sierra Leone and neighboring Guinea. It was originally played on the Siko drum but has since been adapted to the djembe, the drum you see here tonight.
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Performance - African Rhythms - Finale
Watch the finale from African Rhythms.
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Performance - African Rhythms - Sinte
This rhythm from the Boke region of Guinea is a pre-initiation dance for Boys.
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Performance - African Rhythms - Sorsonet
The rhythm comes from the Baga people of the coast of Guinea. It has several functions - Sorsonet is a mask from the Baga ethnic people on the upper coastal region of Guina. The mask is kept in the forest and only brought to the village occasionally, where it is said to protect the village and drive evil away.
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Performance - Onda Latina - Fania Mania
As salsa starts to take over in the 1970s, the Fania All-Stars musician group was known to have some of the craziest fans. Taking it back to a controversial time for Latin music, this is the decade when tensions rose due to labeling all Latin music with the general term "salsa". Despite the discord, it was still a groovy good time! Watch as Ismael Rivera strikes a few irresistible chords on his piano to make these cool cats get down and go crazy on the dance floor.
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Performance - Onda Latina - Mambo Fusion
The 80s were a period of globalization. It wasn't just about international economics or a global marketplace for trade; it was a period when cultures transcended national boundaries. It was also the decade in which the first World Music Awards were held. We present to you a retake of these awards. Get ready to experience the fusion of Latin flavor and some Indian spice. Enjoy!
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Performance - Onda Latina - Recess Pieces
Performing for the first time in front of a Penn crowd, the Newbies of Fall 09 are here to show you that Onda only takes the best. Their piece begins with a sensual and seductive Bachata. The slow and hypnotic pace is then broken with a Salsa which has the Newbies constantly moving their feet and their hips. The clean and prim salsa is then contrasted with the rougher and more energetic Hip Hop showing that we have the technique and all abut we know how to leave the classroom and get it in.
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Performance - Onda Latina - Revolucinario
It's 1953, and only the best of the best are seen in the Palladium ballroom, NYC's hottest night club. On this dance floor there is only room for the kings and queens whose veins pulse with the rhythms of Son, Guaracha, Guajira... and of course Mambo! However this is not your typical Mambo only coming from Afro-Cuban beats, but further reaching as its roots are also embedded in Frederic Chopin's Etude Op 10 No 12 also known as "Revolutionary". Feeling the music in their hearts, these Onderos will show you waht Mambo's all about!
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Performance - Onda Latina - Salsa Strikes Back
Watch this piece from Onda Latina called " Salsa Strikes Back"
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Performance - Onda Latina - Sumergete en la Tentacion
Celia Cruz's move to the US from Cuba in 1960 changed her into a cultural icon not only for Cubans but for Latina women as a whole. Her colorful wigs, bright covered clothes, and dance moves in high heels empowered women to accept themselves and enjoy life the way she did. Latina women had found themselves a cultural icon to aspire to and sing "Azucar!" to. Like the Latina women in this Cha-cha piece, Celia Cruz had confidence and power in her life. She was strong and did not settle for less than she was worth -- neither will these women in their quest for love. If these men aren't worth their time, Cruz would play her version of I will survive: "Yo Vivere!" just as these women will.
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Performance - Onda Latina - That Was Then This is Vacu Now
Now that you've traveled through the history of West African, Latino, and Caribbean dance, the journey comes to an end in present-day West Philadelphia. Onda Latina & African Rhythms come together through a union of cultures in a Rumba Guaguanco collaboration. Rumba Guaguanco is a flirtatious, Afro-Cuban dance in which the woman entices but also shields herself from the man trying to surprise her with a vacunao. A vacunao is when the man throws his leg, pelvis, or a handkerchief toward the woman to symbolize sexual attraction. This piece not only represents a modern-day collaboration but continues the bond between our groups along the cultural continuum into the future.
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Performance - Onda Latina - The Devil Wears Prado!
The King of Mambo, Perez Prado & his orchestra started the mambo movement with hit songs like Mambo No. 5 (1952). During the same decade, another great mambo musician, Arsenia "El Ciego Maravilloso" Rodriguez, used to get down on his bass & yell "Diablo!" while he played. The mambo craze continues today, but is more widely known under the umbrella name "sals"."
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Performance - Onda Latina - The Way We Move
It's common knowledge that the continent of Africa has had a huge influence on world culture but especially Western culture. This piece explores African dance influence on Caribbean dance culture. There's something for everyone - hip hop, dancehall, and soca. What do they all have in common - some semblance of that dance began in Africa. I challenge you to investigate how these dance genres influence the way you move.
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Performance - Onda Latina - Todo Tiene su Finale
The traditional closing piece for every Onda Latina showcase, "Todo Tiene su Finale" from Hector Lavoe.
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