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New York Salsa Congress 2008

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(Highlights) at the 2008 New York Salsa Congress
Check out our highlights at the 2008 New York International Salsa Congress with Tito Allen, Adalberto Santiago, Juan Matos, Candy Mena, Nancy, Shani Talmor, Maykel Fonts, Michael Majesty (Viva La Salsa Show), Griselle Ponce, Magna Gopal, Karel Flores, Beto Rojas, Julissa Cruz (Salsa Dancing Reality Show), Mel C (Salsa Central), DJ Michelle (Asia Salsa Mambo Festival), Jazz Bianchi (MamboNYC)
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Interview - Adalberto Santiago
Shortly before performing in the "Battle of the Bands" with Tito Allen, Adalberto Santiago spoke with Nuevotec's Dimas Mero to talk about the New York Congress, and get a very brief history of his career.
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Interview - Bachata Jorge
The New York congress is one of the many stops for the very busy Jorge Elizondo, also known as Bachata Jorge. He has a comprehensive system of teaching bachata with his workshops and DVDs (available at Bachata Fusion), and has teamed with instructors like Edie the Salsa Freak.
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Interview - DJ Michelle & Mel C pt1
International DJs DJ Michelle and DJ Mel C from Salsa spoke with Dimas about one of the best salsa congresses in the world, the New York International Salsa Congress.
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Interview - DJ Michelle & Mel C pt2
DJ Michelle talked with DJ Mel C (Salsa and Dimas Mero about her new inaugural event, the Asia Salsa Mambo Festival, in mid December in the Venetian at the Macau.
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Interview - Giancarlo Gabellini
Salseros always dress to impress, and Giancarlo Gabellini helps fill that need with Gabellini Shoes. He has a very fashionable line of footwear that are comfortable yet easy to dance with. You'll see his shoes at congresses everywhere.
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Interview - Jazz Biancci (
Jazz Biancci and have quickly made names in the New York and North New Jersey area with their forums, salsa calendar, video performance gallery and their great interview archive. Jazz and Waygee have interviewed the likes of Frankie Martinez, Magna Gopal, and Ahtoy Wonpat-Borja. Dimas Mero caught up with Jazz to discuss how the site first started.
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Interview - Juan Matos and Candy Mena
"You don't need to see to dance, you need to feel it". Two of New York's most talented dancers are tearing the salsa scene in Italy and Europe -- meet Candy Mena and Juan Matos. They had a great performance with Amneris Martinez on Sunday night at the New York International Salsa Congress all while blindfolded. Candy also collaborated with Italy/Cuba's Maykel Fonts. They talk about their performances and their new addition to the family, daughter Melodia.
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Interview - Michael Majesty
Instructor and promoter has a new project that has been all the buzz in the salsa world - Viva La Salsa Show. Michael tells Griselle Ponce and Dimas Mero about the show, which is a "journey through history" of salsa dancing through dancing, featuring stars Oliver and Luda, Junior and Emily, and Masacote Dance Company, Griselle Ponce, and many other stars. It debuts in Shreveport, LA and Dallas, TX on January 10-11, 2009.
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Interview - Vincent (Casa Latina)
DJ Mel C from Salsa spoke with Vincent from the New York based store Casa Latina. Vincent's store is a treasure trove for salseros, DJs, and musicians alike.
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Performance - Tito Allen - Indestructible
Watch this performance with Tito Allen, who originally performed "Indestructible" with Ray Baretto.
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Social - Maykel Fonts and Kim
Italy/Cuba's Maykel Fonts dances with Kim.
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Social dance - Alex and Jen
Caribbean Soul members Alex and Jen get down at the New York Congress.
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Social dance - Beto and Julissa
Los Angeles's Beto Rojas teams up with Julissa Cruz of the Salsa Dancing Reality Show and Salsa Heat dancers in Orlando, Florida.
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Social dance - Chris and Diana
Watch Hacha y Machete dancer and promoter Chris Soto and the lovely Diana.
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Social Dance - Juan Matos, Nancy, Shani Talmor
Juan Matos collaborated with the lovely Nancy and Shani Talmor.
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Social dance - Kfir and Shani
Check out this social dance with Shani Talmor and Kfir.
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Social dance - Michael Majesty, Nancy, and Magna Gopal
Watch Michael Majesty (Viva La Salsa Show), Nancy, and Magna Gopal.
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Social dance - Omar and Griselle
Omar teams up with the lovely Griselle Ponce.
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Social dance - Oscar and Maya
Check out Florida's Oscar and Atlanta's Maya.
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Social dance - Pablo and Karel
Pablo danced with Yamulee dancer Karel Flores.
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Social dance - Vittico, Caesar, Junior, & Amneris
Check out this social dance with Vittico Pacheco, Caesar, Junior, & Amneris Martinez.
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