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Estilo Fall Showcase 2009

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(Nuevotec) at the 2009 Estilo Studio Fall Showcase
Check out this slideshow from the 2009 Estilo Studio Fall Showcase featuring Tito Puente's rendition of "Take Five".
9514x hits
Performance - Ahi-Nama
Vicky, Jen, Sandra, Millie, and Tina from Ahi-Nama make their second appearance at the Estilo showcase.
= 1, 7928x hits
Performance - Arte Salseros
The semipro group Arte Soneros with Lloyd, Zoe, Antonio, Stacy, and Antonio debut their new performance for the late 2009.
= 3, 7690x hits

Performance - Darlin and Cheryl
Darlin Garcia dances with student performer Cheryl in this pro-am performance.
8397x hits
Performance - Estilo Advanced Footwork
Watson, Gary, Anuska, and Christian make up the Estilo Advanced footwork team, choreographed by Darlin Garcia.
7820x hits
Performance - Estilo Kids Ballet
This ballet piece was brought to you by the ladies of Estilo dance studio.
6785x hits

Performance - Estilo Salsa Advanced
Melissa, Jan, Anuska, Kareema, Eric, Lloyd, Hector, and Watson perform as the Estilo Salsa advanced team.
8095x hits
Performance - Estilo Salsa Beginner
Watch the Estilo salsa beginner team.
= 3, 7091x hits
Performance - Estilo Salsa Intermediate
Check out the Estilo salsa intermedia team, with Sarah, Aryana, Lissette, Paula, Lorena, Ivan, Christian, Lauro, Gary, and Alvin.
7657x hits

Performance - Gary and Liz
Gary Moreau teams up with Art in Motion dancer Liz Becerra in this pro-am number.
7607x hits
Performance - Nyce Stylez Hip-Hop
Watch the hot performance from Nyce Stylez hip-hop team.
= 1, 8884x hits
Performance - Team Becerra Martial Arts
The Becerra brother and sister martial arts team mix some salsa and kicks and katas.
= 1, 6617x hits

Performance - Uriel and Aryana
Art in Motion's Uriel Garcia teams up with student Aryana Perez in this pro-am performance.
7636x hits
Social - Alvin and Mirka
Art in Motion & Calle Luna member Mirka dances with Estilo dance studio member Alvin.
= 2, 8511x hits
Social - Anthony and Anuska (bachata)
Young dancer Anthony dances bachata with Anuska.
7697x hits

Social - Cori and Christina cha-cha
Check out this cha-cha with this brother and sister team Cori and Christina.
= 7, 8559x hits
Social - Darlin and Genice
Darlin shows off some swift moves with Genice.
= 1, 9461x hits
Social - David and Yodali
Estilo dance member David teams up with Yodali.
7197x hits

Social - Devin and Lorena
Check out Devin and Lorena.
6851x hits
Social - Gary and Sarah
Watch Estilo dance members Gary and Sarah.
7381x hits
Social - Patrick and Shemi
7808x hits

Social - Raul and Jenn
This hot social dance was brought to you by the letters R and L.
= 4, 10820x hits
Social - Sebastien and Anuska
Watch Anuska and Estilo casino rueda instructor Sebastien.
= 1, 8208x hits
Social - Uriel and Aryana
Fresh off their pro-am performance, Uriel and Aryana continue their collaboration.
8445x hits

Social - Watson and Kareema
Estilo advanced dance members Watson and Kareema close out the night.
9023x hits


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