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Performances and Social Dances
Check some of the social dances and performances from the congress, including footage from Gordon Neil and Julissa Cruz, Grupo Pa'lante, Estilo Dance Company, Brandon Segovia and Serena Pav, Los Jovenos Del Swing, and Micah Boom and Kathy Cabrera. Full performances will be released on the 2008 Chicago Salsa DVD from the Chicago Cultural Alliance to be released in 2009.

Chicago Salsa Congress 2008

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(Griselle vs Petuschia) battle!
When you're at the top, everybody wants a piece of you. So who's the next salsa diva? Meet ‘Petuschia’, Griselle Ponce's new idol! Watch this hilarious video!
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(Highlights) at the 2008 Chicago Salsa Congress
Check out our highlights video with a combination of interviews, social dances, and performances!
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(Slideshow) at the 2008 Chicago Salsa Congress
Here's a piece of the congress, told by photographic stills, featuring Babyface - ‘Stressed Out’.
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(Tour) at the 2008 Chicago Salsa Congress
Zeke Ruvalcaba of Estilo Dance Company takes a brief tour of Chicago's biggest salsa event.
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Afrorican Dancers interview
Meet Puerto Rico's Afrorican dancers, who performed a disco type theme for the congress.
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Alberto Muriel and Ingrid Rivera interview
Only 20 and 16 respectively, Alberto Muriel and Ingrid Rivera placed 8th in the on2 division of the World Salsa Championships, in their first major competition. Zeke discusses this major feat with the dance couple.
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Andy Cruz and Griselle Ponce interview
Finding dance partners in salsa isn't very easy. Fortunately, Andy Cruz and Griselle Ponce have found success in their collaboration throughout the world. Zeke and Elba from Estilo Dance Company talks with the couple about their partnership.
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Brandon Segovia and Serena Pav interview
For the past several years, Chicago has seen Brandon Segovia and Serena Pav grow before their eyes. They are trained in multiple forms of dance, including ballroom, tap, and hip-hop. Yarlyn from Los Soneros Del Swing and Zeke discusses the teenage duo's past, present, and future.
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Descarga Caribe interview
One of Chicago's most well known teams, Descarga Caribe placed 6th in the team division of the 2006 World Salsa Championships. Sekou McMiller, the team's director, is currently in an off broadway production. However, the group continues to perform around the country with veterans Christina, Adrian, Del, and Laura. Meet the group as Zeke learns their most famous styling moves.
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Gordon Neil interview
Atlanta's Gordon Neil is one of most dynamic dancers in the salsa scene today. He and dance partner Julissa Cruz from Salsa Heat performed an amazing hip-hop and salsa fusion. Zeke and Magna also talk about his Flava Invasion 3 event, co-sponsored by
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Grupo Pa'lante interview
The semi-pro group of Descarga Caribe, Pa'lante, has performed at several major events, including the NY Salsa Congress. Zeke talks with the Gio, Jesus, and the acting artistic director, Adrian Tenerio about their new routine, called Roots.
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Hacha y Machete interview
It's difficult to go to a national or international event and not find Hacha y Machete.. Making its debut at the 2008 Chicago Salsa Congress, Boston's Victor and Burju Perez are in demand throughout the world for their partnerwork and styling. Zeke talks with the group about their experiences in the windy city.
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Latin Rhythms interview
Having participated at the Chicago Salsa Congress since its inception, Latin Rhythms performed a routine from the 2001 event with great fanfare. Led by Maricza Valentin, the group has produced some unique, standout performances. Zeke with Estilo Dance Company (also a Latin Rhythms member) discusses the evolution of the salsa scene in Chicago.
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Magna Gopal interview
She's one of the most in-demand instructors around the world, and among the most humble and modest as well. Having recently toured China and Singapore, Magna Gopal's next stops include countries in South America and Curacao. Zeke and Yarlyn catches up with the styling and spinning queen.
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Marett, Christian, Erika, and Sonia interview
Without the support of Chicago's local dancers, the congress simply would not exist. Zeke talks with social dancers Marett, Christian, Erika, and Sonia about what makes Chicago so special.
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Raza Dancers interview
The island of Puerto Rico continues its tradition of fabulous talent with Raza dancers, who performed a fantastic routine on Saturday night at the congress. The team also includes 2007 World Salsa Championships finalist Ingrid Rivera.
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Robert Excell Tate, Jose Cuevas, and Ashanti Altovese interview
Jose Cuevas and Robert Excell Tate have the distinction as one of the first Chicago mambo groups (Los Cabelleros de la Salsa, The Gentlemen of Salsa) to perform in Puerto Rico and in New York. Zeke and Yarlyn catch up with honorees of the 2008 Chicago Salsa Congress to discuss their history.
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Rocky and Yarlyn interview
A staple of the Chicago scene, Rocky and Yarlyn from Los Soneros Del Swing performed on Friday night. We offer our congratulations to the couple, who are getting married in Puerto Rico in 2008. Rocky also leads the junior group, Los Jovenos Del Swing.
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Tito Ortos and Vanessa Millan interview
Tito Ortos and wife Tamara Livolsi are among the most respected salsa dancers in the world. (In fact, they have been on the cover of the Chicago Salsa Congress flyers for seven years). Well versed in many dance styles, Tamara has taken a break from dancing and is pregnant with their child. From a performance standpoint, Tito has teamed up with his first dance partner, Vanessa Millan. They talk with Zeke about Chicago, their roles in movies, and their roles in the World Salsa Championships and Puerto Rico Open.
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Urban Vibe interview
Starting as a two man duo, Chicago's Urban Vibe has grown to over 10 members (an all-star ensemble of chicago performers). They represented Chicago at the 2007 World Salsa Championships with an excellent performance. Meet Jorge Alvarez, Pablo Rivera, and the rest of the group.
10666x hits - Detroit's Finest interview
Detroit's vibrant salsa community invaded the 7th annual Chicago Salsa Congress to enjoy some of the best dancing that the midwest has to offer. George and Nellie also represent the Detroit salsa portal,, the place to go for the best events in the Michigan area.
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